Li'l Reverb Kit

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The Li'l Reverb is a hall reverb designed around the Spin FV-1 chip.  It sounds amazing and is incredibly quiet.  And it's tiny!  Its two knobs allow you to control the reverb level and decay

NOTE:  The FV-1 chip is a surface mounted chip.  It is not recommended that beginners attempt to solder this chip themselves.  We will solder your FV-1 chip to the PCB for you at no additional cost.  If you'd like to receive your kit with the FV-1 chip not already soldered, please be sure to select that option before adding the kit to your cart.

NOTE:  Because of limited space, you cannot use knobs with skirts larger than 16mm.  We recommend using 1900, Mini Fluted, Mini 1510, or BYOC style knobs.  Click here for knobs.

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