15 Watt/6L6 Champ 5F1 Amp Kit

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This is a clone of the Fender 5F1 Champ but with an upgraded 15 watt single ended transformer. Exactly all the same tone as the original 5F1, but with a louder, fuller 6L6 output tube.  Another nice thing about this output transformer upgrade is that you can also use a 6V6 tube if you want and you don't need to rebias or use any sort of adapter.  Just plug it in.  Only the best available parts are used in this kit.  Cloth covered push-back wire.  Point-to-point turret lug circuit board.  Carbon composition and metal oxide resistors.  JB capacitors.  There are no cheap Chinese tubes or transformers in this kit!  Complete JJ Electronics tube set including a 5Y3, ECC83/12AX7, and 6L6.  We were able to purchase the last remaining N.O.S. lot of Magnetic Components Classic Tone transformers.  Both the power and output transformers are the highest quality iron laminate and paper bobbin wound transformers made in Chicago, IL USA. 

Power transformers have dual primaries so they can be wired for either 120V or 240V.    The instructions will explain how to wire accordingly.  We will automatically supply the correct power cord for your country based on your ship to address.  If you want a different power cord, make a note in the comment box.

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