BYOC began in 2004 and was founded by Keith Vonderhulls.  It began as just a hobby on his kitchen table.  We only offered 3 kits when we first started: a Fuzz Face, Tonebender, and Rangemaster clone (and they came with point-to-point eyelet boards).  It grew quickly.  Today, we offer over 80 different DIY effects and amplifier kits.  Our goal today is exactly the same as it was when we first started - to make a product for guitarists and musicians that was more than just some DIY project that merely "worked", but a complete stompbox or amp that would rival or surpass any big name boutique version in both tone and quality.

When BYOC first started there was no one else doing what we do, so it wasn't too hard to call ourselves the king of DIY guitar effects pedal kits.  With distribution all over the globe and nearly 100,000 kits sold world wide, BYOC is still the undisputed king and the gold standard by which all DIY effects and amplifiers are judged.