Silver Pony 2

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The BYOC Silver Pony II takes one the most innovative and sought after overdrive circuits of all time and expands it into a dual channel overdrive with a few extras. The drive channel is a faithful klone of the original circuit. The clipping switch lets you choose between Germanium diode clipping for the smooth, compressed sound of the original, Silicon diode clipping for a crunchier, more open sound, and LED (light emitting diode) clipping for a gritty, completely uncompressed distortion. One of the things this circuit is famous for is its ultra-clean and super transparent boost capabilities. But to use it as such, you have to stop playing, bend over, and turn the gain knob all the way down. You only get one or the other. There’s no way to switch between both with just the press of a button…till now. We dissected the clean boost portion of the circuit and made it into a separate boost channel. So now you can have the best of both worlds. And the boost channel is entirely independent of the overdrive channel. This means you can use it to boost the output of the overdrive channel for solos or you can use it as just a clean boost all on its own.

The complete & painted pedal is shown with brown 1400 style knobs, red LEDs, black power jack with internal nut, and paint/silk screen option. Paint/silk screen option for this kit is only available in Polished Chrome powder coat w/ black lettering.

* B-stock enclosure note: We count minor blemishes as B-stock, they are enclosures that simply aren't perfect. Pictures are not available since the blemishes won't show up in images very well. Cost of B-stock enclosure is the same as a bare enclosure. While supplies last.


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