Blue Overdrive Mod Pack

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This mod pack for the Blue Overdrive contains parts to perform one of the most common BD-2 mods, often referred to as the "fat mod".   All the ceramic disc and aluminum electrolytic caps in the signal path are replaced with expensive silver mica and tantalum capacitors.  This helps smooth out some of the harshness and fuzziness.  Larger forward voltage 1N4002 diodes provide asymmetrical clipping.  This creates more second order harmonics and also smooths out some of the fuzziness.  The input capacitor value is increased to allow more of your guitars signal in.  And one of the decoupling capacitors is placed on a toggle switch to allow you to switch between normal and "fat" mode. 

 If you are ordering this along with a Blue Overdrive kit, be sure to select the "please drill my enclosure" option at no additional charge if you need us to make a hole for the toggle switch.

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