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The BYOC wah kit gives you all the right parts for you need for the vintage wah that current mass produced models just can't seem to get right, but also throws in the little extras that you wished a vintage McCoy had. With a Halo replica inductor wound to vintage specs, a 100k ICAR taper pot, and N.O.S. BC108 transistors, the BYOC wah kit delivers that long lost vintage wah sound. But the kit also comes with lots of upgrades. The true bypass switching makes the tone sucking that plagues most mass produced wahs a thing of the past. The IC based output buffer (which can easily be omitted from the build for the purists)is noise-free, absolutely transparent, and superior to the transistor based buffers. The "gain", "bass", "mids", and "Q" resistors have been replaced with internal trimpots so you can dial in the tone that you've always wanted from your wah. The kit also comes with an extra "sweep range" capacitor and rugged open frame Neutrik jacks..
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