Super 8 Programmable Looper

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The BYOC super8 is a programmable 8 channel true bypass looper. Pound for pound, it is the most advanced looper on the market. It has 8 fully accessible loops, not just 2 banks of 4 loops like other "8 channel" loopers. It has 32 programmable user presets that can be saved on its internal memory for up to 40 years without power. It measures less than 10 inches in length so you have more room on your pedal board for pedals. It has separate normal and buffered inputs. It has pop-free, true bypass, relay switching. And all of this is controlled by only 5 soft-touch footswitches, which once you understand how it works, is actually a more intuitive and physically easier to use interface than the dozen or so discrete footswitches it would have required to control and program all these features (and it makes the super8 much smaller!).

*this is one of our more difficult kits. If you are a first time builder, please read the instructions carefully and watch the video below to see if this looks like something you can handle before ordering.
**This kit requires a power supply with at least 225mA of current.
***Because of the closely spaced jacks, we recommend patch cables with small plugs such as George L's, Lava, Evidence Audio, Chandler, or other types of "solderless" cables, or the molded plastic style. We sell right angle plastic molded style cables.