Silver Pony

This product has been discontinued

The BYOC Silver Pony is based on the what is perhaps the most coveted circuit in the history of guitar pedals. The Silver Pony incorporates the exact same pop-free, buffered bypass system as the original. Normally, we remove buffered bypass from the circuits we clone in favor of true bypass, but the buffer in this circuit is actually very nice, so we kept it.

The complete & painted pedal is shown with brown 1400 style knobs, red LED, black power jack with internal nut, and paint/silk screen option. Paint/silk screen option for this kit is only available in Polished Chrome powder coat w/ black lettering. You will need to navigate to the knobs page on our website to select your knobs. We simply have too many styles and colors to add to the drop down menu

Click here to go to our knob page. Don't forget that you need three knobs for this kit!

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