Silver Pony

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The BYOC Silver Pony takes one the most innovative and sought after overdrive circuits of all time and adds a few switchable modifications to make it even more versatile without compromising the tone that made the original pedal such a legend. 

The Clipping switch allows you to select 3 different types of clipping.  GE1 is the original Germanium diode clipping.  This produces a very compressed and smooth overdrive.  GE2 places a second pair of Germanium diodes in series for clipping with twice the forward voltage.  This reduces the compression and produces a slightly crunchier overdrive.  Si uses a pair of Silicon diodes for 3x the forward voltage of the original clipping.  This produces a very open and crunchy overdrive. 

The EQ switch allows you to select 3 different bass responses.  NORM is the stock setting, producing very a present low midrange.  FULL is just that - a nice full frequency response.  And FAT provides a slight boost to the bottom end.

The Silver Pony employs a mechanical true bypass switching system for the clarity in bypass that only a true bypass circuit can provide.  It does NOT have a buffered bypass like the original.

The complete & painted pedal is shown with brown 1400 style knobs, red LEDs, black power jack with internal nut, and paint/silk screen option. Paint/silk screen option for this kit is only available in Polished Chrome powder coat w/ black lettering.

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