The Mimosa

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     This is a fairly simple build based on the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. Known for its incredibly transparent compression and low noise floor with just a hint of added warmth, it's a favorite alternative to the typical OTA-based compressors guitar players usually have to choose from. We stayed true to the original circuit for the most part. We include a few extra components to make it more bass friendly. So if you're a bass player, the kit comes stock with everything you need. Just follow the instructions on how to change it over to bass specs. The only real change we made to the original circuit was the addition of a cross-fade dry blend control. 

     The Mimosa kit starts at $64.99USD for a complete kit with an unpainted enclosure. We also offer powder coated and silk screened enclosures available in either white with orange print or orange with white print. The pedals in the pics above are shown with 1510 style knobs (orange and cream) with orange diffused LEDs (not to be confused with clear lens orange LEDs), but you can specify any type of knob and LED you'd like.

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