Li'l Analog Chorus

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The Li'l Analog Chorus is a MN3007 based chorus. 


NOTE:  The LM358, TL074, and CD4047 are surface mounted chips.  It is not recommended that beginners attempt to solder these chips themselves.  We will solder your chips to the PCB for a small $5 fee.  If you'd like to receive your kit with the chips not already soldered, please be sure to select that option before adding the kit to your cart.

Listed price includes bare enclosure, Red diffused LED, and 2 BYOC style knobs.

NOTE:  Because of limited space, you cannot use knobs with skirts larger than 16mm.  We recommend using 1900, Mini Fluted, Mini 1510, or BYOC style knobs.  Click here for knobs.

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