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The BYOC E.S.V. (extra special vintage) Fuzz is the finest Germanium transistor fuzz face clone kit you can find.  We sort through literally thousands of N.O.S. AC128 Germanium transistors to find the perfect specimens.  We double test our transistors for gain and leakage and then in-circuit to make sure you get that sound.  Only a small percentage make the cut.  Combine that with carbon comp resistors, Vishay axial lead capacitors, and an adjustable internal bias, and you've got a vintage fuzz that is truly special.

Choose between a selected pair, matched pair, or high gain matched pair transistors.  Matched pair means that both Q1 and Q2 are medium gain transistors.  This would be the most well rounded transistor selection, allowing for a good amount of fuzz saturation and picking articulation. A selected pair is where Q1 is a low gain transistor and Q2 is a high gain transistor.  This is rumored to be what Hendrix preferred in his Fuzz Faces.  A selected pair provides a little less fuzz saturation, but has a little more picking articulation.  A high gain matched pair is obviously going to produce more fuzz saturation and sustain, but with that comes a little more noise and less articulation on the pick attack.  

WARNING!!!!!  This pedal uses PNP Germanium transistors and has a positive ground.  You can still use any normal, standard, negative tip 9VDC power supply intended for use with guitar effects.  You DO NOT need a special power supply for this pedal.  HOWEVER!!!!  There is one rule:  you cannot daisy chain this pedal with other pedals (unless the other pedals are positive ground too, which they probably aren't).  If you have a single wall wart style adapter, then this is the only pedal that you can power with that adapter.  If you have a power supply with multiple isolated outputs, then this is pedal needs to be on its own isolated output and cannot share with other pedals, but you can still use the other isolated outputs for other pedals.










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