Echo Royal

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The Echo Royal is a dual PT2399-based delay, capable of 1.5 seconds (45 bpm) of delay time, with tap tempo, modulation, and many other features. 

  • The tap multiplier knob allows you to tap out 1-to-1 quarter notes, dotted eighth notes, eighth notes, triplets, and sixteenth notes. 
  • The rate and depth knobs allow you to add anything from a slow, subtle, tape-warble-like effect, to a sweet chorus effect, to an over-the-top pitch bending effect. 
  • The blend knob is a true wet/dry crossfader.  Combine that with the dry out and a second amp for a huge spacial delay sound. 
  • Easily switch between normal bypass mode and trails bypass mode on the fly by pressing and holding the bypass button for 3 seconds.
  • The dual PT2399 delay chips deliver 1.5 seconds of warm analog-like vintage repeats.  The compander noise reduction circuit keeps it dead silent.

All these features are smartly laid out in a compact 1590BB/1610 size enclosure (4.7" x 3.7" x 1.5" /120mm x 94mm x 38mm) and we still managed to use all high quality through-hole components and panel mounted hardware.  Nothing is PC mounted or SMD.  Operates on standard 2.1mm negative tip power supply.  80mA current draw.    A truly boutique quality delay pedal, with all the features players want for less than what most fuzz or overdrive pedals just have to build it yourself.  The Echo Royal from BYOC is one of the best delays on the market, and the king of all DIY delays.

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