Delaytion Tap Tempo and Modulation for the BYOC Analog Delay

Turn your BYOC Analog Delay into the ultimate delay with The Delaytion™ tap tempo/modulation control. This version was designed by Molten Voltage specifically for the BYOC Analog Delay and we've created instructions on how to hook it up for use with the BYOC Analog Delay.

Tap Temp with 1:1, 1:4, and dotted eighth note ratios.
Modulation with rate and depth controls
4 programmable presets

This kit is a little different from the kit you can buy directly from Molten Voltage. The tap tempo control chip is designed for our 4 x V3205 circuit. We've also made it so you don't have to remove the delay time pot from the delay pedal. You will have to give up the dry output on your BYOC Analog Delay, but if you don't feel like using your Delation for some reason, it will turn back into a normal 3 knob delay pedal when you unplug the Delaytion. Comes with all the parts you need to build a complete Delaytion unit, including the enclosure and knobs. It also comes with a 1/4" to RCA adaptor so you can use a regular guitar cable or patch cord of any length to connect the Delaytion to your BYOC Analog Delay.

NOTE: This kit does not come with a decal. The instructions on connecting the Delaytion to the delay are intended for use with the BYOC Analog Delay only. We do not offer any support for connecting the Delaytion to other delay pedals. This kit is intended for use with the BYOC Analog Delay only. If you want a Delaytion kit for a different brand delay, you should visit Molten Voltage.