Crown Jewel Dry Blend Board

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This is a passive cross fade blender that allows you to mix the ratio of dry to clean signal.  It utilizes the Crown Jewel's 27v charge pump for a super clean dry signal.  And it's very loud too.  If you want an overdrive that can do the perfectly transparent clean boost thing, this will do that.  This now gives you the same tonal abilities as the Klon Centaur, Maxon OD-820, Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive and any other distortion/overdrive that has a clean blend.  
The dry blend add-on board also makes the Crown Jewel the ultimate bass dirt pedal!
Be aware that you will need to drill an extra hole in your Crown Jewel to add this.  If you are ordering your Crown Jewel and would like the add-on board, there is a drop-down option to have us drill the extra hole for you.
This can actually be applied to any pedal that you want to add a clean blend to, not just the Crown Jewel.  And it doesn't necessarily need to have a 27v charge pump power supply either.  It can run on your standard 9v supply, it just won't have as much head room.   The instructions only pertain to adding it to the Crown Jewel, so if you want to use it for something other than the Crown Jewel, it's recommended that you have some understanding of how to read a schematic and know what you're doing.  Or go to our forum and ask for help.
Inside instruction file