TS-808/TS-9/OD-9 Dumble Mod Pack

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There are many mods for the Tubescreamer circuit.  This one is our favorite.  First of all the silicon clipping diodes are replaced with a MOSFET and Germanium diode clipping pair.  This gives it a richer saturation and longer sustain without over compressing.  Next, the frequency response is leveled out, and given a heavy dose of tight lows.  Then we give it a lot more gain without making it sound fuzzy.  All the aluminum electrolytic and ceramic disc caps are replaced with metal film and silver mica caps for improved sound quality and clarity.  And lastly, it's louder.  The drive knob can clean up much better and it still has plenty of boost on tap.  Comes with your choice of LED color.  Desolder braid not included.

*This is for the modification parts and instructions only.  Instructions will be emailed with shipping confirmation.  No returns on mod kits.  Pedal not included.

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