Classic Brit 45 Amp Kit

$ 753.99

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Everything you need to build a point-to-point, hand-wired version of the classic Marshall JTM45.

The Tubes: No EL34 power tubes here! This is the real KT66 version. Our basic tube compliment option consists of a JJ GZ34 rectifier tube, JJ ECC83 preamp tubes, and a matched pair of Valve Art KT66 power tubes. You can upgrade your tube compliment to feature a pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT66.

The Transformers: We provide Classic Tone™ transformers from Magnetic Components. These aren't rebranded "custom productions" of unknown origin. These are paper layer wound to vintage specs, using vintage construction methods, and made in Chicago, USA by a company that has been winding iron since 1943.

We offer a head cabinet that's comparable to the Marshall "small box", made from 13 ply birch, and available in 6 different color options: black with gold piping, cream with black piping, red with silver piping, orange with white piping, purple with gold piping, and seafoam green with white piping.

Our amp kits always ship, in their entirety, within one business day or less from the time you order them unless emailed otherwise.  And just like all of our kits, we don't just hand you a schematic and wiring diagram and throw you to the wolves.  The BYOC Classic Brit 45 comes with the most complete, thorough, and easy-to-follow build instructions.  At $789 for a complete kit, the BYOC Classic Brit 45 is the best JTM45 clone on the market. 

If you want a 2x10 or 2x12 combo, select "no cabinet" here and then select your combo cab from our amp cabinets page.

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