Stereo Analog Flanger

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The BYOC Stereo Analog Flanger isn't exactly a clone of anything in particular. We took the best qualities from several different flanger circuits and combined them to create what we thought was not only one of the best flangers ever, but also a flanger that could be easily modified to dial it in the way you want to. The BYOC Flanger does not use the legendary SAD1024 delay chip, but we designed it to capture the tone of the great flangers that did use that chip. What was unique about that chip was that it is actually two separate 512 stage delay lines on a single chip. Some flangers like the MXR, put both delay lines in series for a longer delay time and more exaggerated pitch bending. Some flangers, like the ADA and Electric Mistress kept the two delay lines separate and ran them parallel, but out of phase with each other, to create a more lush sound. The BYOC Flanger has two 1024 delay chips. When in NORMAL mode, only one delay chip is used. The Manual/Delay Time knob allows you to dial in tones that are similar to the MXR, BF-2, and Pearl flangers. When in DIFFERENTIAL mode, the second delay chip is added in parallel, but out of phase with the first delay chip. Turn the Manual/Delay Time knob down and you can dial in the tone of the ADA and Electric Mistress. Turn up the delay time, and you create new, amazingly lush flanger tones.