27V Boost Kit

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KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE KNOBS or LED, or DC Adapter!!!  We have too many options to include in a drop down menu.

Click here to select knobs.  Because of space limitations, we recommend using 1900, BYOC, Mini 1510, or Small Fluted style knobs, or knobs with an equal or smaller diameter.

Click here to select LED

Possibly the World's cleanest, most transparent boost. It utilizes the 7660S charge pump's ability to take a standard 9v power supply and output both +18v and -9v. The op-amp based boost circuit takes advantage of the whopping 27v differential to produce 20dB with an amazing amount of headroom. It doesn't matter if you're using active pickups - you will not get any clipping from this boost. Slam it with another boost, it still won't clip! The treble control allows you to cut/boost frequencies above 3k3Hz by 6dB.  Features all through-hole components and full-size panel mounted hardware.

NOTE:  Because of limited space, only the external nut DC adapter jack can be used.  It only comes in black and is include in the kit.

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