Analog Chorus

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Rediscover the joy of chorus again with this kit. The BYOC Analog Chorus is a true-bypassed clone of the version of the BOSS CE-2.  It uses an NOS BBD chip for that warm vintage analog chorus tone.  The status LED blinks in time with the rate.

The complete & painted pedal is shown with "boss" style knobs, red LED, black power jack with internal nut, and paint/silk screen option. Paint/silk screen option is only available in Daphne Blue powder coat w/ black lettering. You will need to navigate to the knobs page on our website to select your knobs. We simply have too many styles and colors to add to the drop down menu. Don't forget that you need two knobs for this kit!

*Price listed is including the bare enclosure, diffused LED, 2 BYOC knobs, and AC jack.

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