BYOC produces the finest DIY guitar effects pedal kits in the World.  Our kits come complete with everything you need to build a boutique-quality, handmade guitar effect pedal.  Drilled enclosures, knobs, ready-to-solder PCB (printed circuit board), and all the other parts...even the hook up wire.  We use the highest quality resistors, capacitor, and semi-conductors.  In many of our kits, we've gone to great lengths to source the exact same N.O.S. obsolete components that were used in the original versions.  And our instructions and customer/tech support are second to none.  Our step-by-step, paint-by-numbers instructions are all available to download so you can see for yourself.  We also offer email, chat, and forum tech support.  No other DIY effects pedal kits are as complete as our kits.  These aren't just cheap alternatives that merely "work".  A well made BYOC pedal is meant to take the place of your prized vintage or boutique pedal on your pedal board.