Orange Distortion

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If you're not in the know about the DS-1, you're probably asking yourself, "Why on earth would I buy a kit to build a DS-1 clone when I could mosey on into any Guitar Center, and pick up a real one for $35?" The DS-1 currently in production is not the same as the original DS-1 that was produced in the 80's. Now you're probably asking yourself, "Why not just get a new DS-1 and modify it or have someone else modify it for me?" That will make it sound better, but it still won't be the same as the original DS-1. The original DS-1 used the Toshiba TA7136P chip. When this chip became obsolete, BOSS changed the circuit to accommodate dual op amps. The TA7136P was not a dual op amp. So simply "upgrading" a few parts isn't going to make a new DS-1 sound as good an original.

The BYOC Orange Distortion kit comes with all the parts to build to original DS-1 specs, extra components to do some of the most popular DS-1 modifications, and a couple of new mods that we've come up with which are the sort of mods you can only do when you're building a pedal from the ground up.

The BYOC Orange Distortion kit also comes with extra parts to do many of the popular DS-1 mods such as more gain, reduction of shrill highs, and lots of extra diodes for all kinds of clipping modifications. We also took the liberty of removing all the aluminum electrolytic capacitors from the signal path and replaced them with superior metal film capacitors as a stock feature of the kit. And, like all BYOC kits, The Orange Distortion comes with true mechanical bypass, so there's no tone-suckage when you're not using it.