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Rat clones are quickly becoming the new "it" distortion pedal of the boutique world. The circuit is easy to modify, has a huge range of distortion tones, and just sounds really good. The BYOC mouse kit has a 6-way clipping rotary switch that makes it one of the most versatile overdrive/distortion pedals around. Position 1: "Vintage" Symmetrical Distortion Position 2: "Turbo" Distortion Position 3: Asymmetrical Distortion Position 4: Symmetrical O.D. Position 5: Asymmetrical O.D. Position 6: MOSFET O.D. And the BYOC Mouse kit comes with a real LM308 chip just like the original big box RATs, not some "work-a-like" chip, so it has the vintage tone you'd expect. If you want one pedal that covers everything from vintage distortion to boutique overdrive....the BYOC mouse has got it covered.