Scrambled Octave

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In addition to being an extremely rare and expensive vintage effect, the Ampeg Scrambler is also an extremely cool octave up fuzz. The actual fuzz itself is very unique. Like most octave fuzzes, it's a very rude, nasty, ripping-velcro sort of fuzz. But unlike most other octave fuzzes, it's not overly saturated or gated. It's surprisingly open, articulate, and responsive to pick attack. And the actual octave up part of its sound is very thick. The knobs on the Ampeg Scrambler were quite unique as well. It doesn't have a volume or fuzz knob! The texture knob allows you to dial in the amount of octave so that you can go from no octave at all, to just a subtle hint of octave, to full on mangled chords and squealing single notes. The Blend knob is just that - it allows you to blend the octave fuzz with your clean guitar signal. You can go from completely fuzzed out, to completely clean, and anything in between. All of these attributes make the Ampeg Scrambler a truly unique and extremely versatile octave fuzz. The BYOC Scrambled Octave is an exact replica of the original Ampeg Scrambler circuit. The BYOC Scrambled Octave comes with a 2N3904 transistor, 2N5306 Darlington transistors, and 1N456 diodes. We used all 1% metal film resistors. This pedal actually reduces hum noise when you turn it on! And there is absolutely no volume drop. Some people have complained that the reissues and clones weren't loud enough, but there is no volume drop with the BYOC Scrambled Octave. It must not be an issue when you use the correct components. The only difference between the BYOC Scrambled Octave and the original Ampeg Scramble is that the BYOC has true mechanical bypass with a status LED and a standard 9VDC adapter jack.

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