EQ'd Vintage Series Gray Box Overdrive

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   The original gray box version of the DOD250 is perhaps one of the most simple overdrive circuits ever designed, but it is also one of the most beloved. The Gray Box Overdrive is a perfect recreation of the original, including the U741CP chip. “Vintage” mode offers the same small signal diode clipping as the original. “Dist+” mode switches to Germanium diode clipping which essentially turns the pedal into a clone of the MXR Distortion +.
     As with all EQ’d Vintage Series pedals, the Gray Box Overdrive features a powerful 3-­band EQ with a sweepable or parametric midrange. The concentric knobs keep everything compact, yet easy to use. The soft­‐touch relay switching system offers reliable pop‐free true bypass switching. The through‐hole (not surface mount) PCB is assembled entirely by hand right here in our shop in Richland, WA.