EQ'd Vintage Series American Triangle Fuzz

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   There are very few pedal builders and companies that have as much experience as we do when it comes to recreating vintage Big Muffs. Our American Triangle Fuzz used NOS 2N5133 transistors to deliver the unmistakable sound of the Triangle era Muff. The only difference between ours and the original is that ours is significantly less noisy.
    As with all EQ’d Vintage Series pedals, the American Triangle Fuzz features a powerful 3‐band EQ with a sweepable or parametric midrange. The concentric knobs keep everything compact, yet easy to use. The soft­‐touch relay switching system offers reliable pop­‐free true bypass switching. The through­‐hole (not surface mount) PCB is assembled entirely by hand right here in our shop in Richland, WA.