Classic Brit 50 Amp Kit

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Everything you need to build a point-to-point, hand-wired version of the classic 1968 (model year) Marshall 1987 (model number) 50 watt amp. With EL34 power tubes, a solid state rectifier, and more power filtering, the 1987 marks the period when Marshall really started to come into their own. This is the amp that defines the classic Marshall tone.

The Tubes: JJ ECC83 preamp tubes, and a matched pair of JJ EL34 power tubes. 

The Transformers: We provide Classic Tone™ transformers from Magnetic Components. These aren't rebranded "custom productions" of unknown origin. These are paper layer wound to vintage specs, using vintage construction methods, and made in Chicago, USA by a company that has been winding iron since 1943.

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