Soaring Skillet

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The Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan is one of the coolest, tripped out, guitar effects ever. In addition to having stereo panning, it also has one of the best sounding phasers ever produced. It has knobs for phase rate, phase feedback, and pan rate. It has a phaser on/off footswitch and a panning on/off footswitch. It can do just phasing, just panning, or both phasing and panning together. It also has a 3-way rotary switch that allows the phasing to be heard through the right output, the left output, or both (stereo). The original version of the FP-777 Flying Pan costs a ridiculous amount of money. Even the reissues (which there were only 777 made) cost a lot, and they aren't even the same as the originals. The originals used optocouplers in the phase shifting circuit which were absolutely key to they pedal's unique tone. The reissues used JFETs instead of optocouplers and they sound more like a Phase90 than a Flying Pan. We could not locate a good source of the original HVT Optocouplers that were used in the original Flying Pan, so we had our own hermetically sealed custom optocouplers made just for our Soaring Skillet kit. The BYOC Soaring Skillet is 100% identical to the original Ibanez FP-777 Flying Pan. We used the same dual-element optocouplers and TL022 dual op amps. We even kept all the switching/routing exactly the same.

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