Phase Royal

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We've taken the classic MXR Phase 90 circuit and modified it almost beyond recognition. There's a depth control to dial in just the slightest hint of phase shifting. There's a resonance control to adjust the vocal quality of the phase shifting, so it can go from chewy script logo tones to throaty vowel like tones. We've added a wet/dry mix control so you can dial in anything from 100% clean guitar signal to pure phase shifting pitch vibrato that's eerily similar to the Magnatone vibrato. And we've added 2 more phase stages. That's a total of 6 phase stages! Classic Phase 90 tone that's even more intense and over the top. But we've also added a switch so you can change between 4 and 6 phase stages. The BYOC Phase Royal can do things you never thought your little orange phaser could do, and it can still nail those vintage script logo tones too.
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